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Email Marketing

If you have a web site where you advertise your products or services,

you should seriously think about setting up an email marketing program to communicate with your prospects.

Email messages get delivered straight to the subscriber (as opposed to blog posts, banner ads or online articles, which require the person to visit your website).  Secondly, if you craft the content of your email newsletter carefully, you’ll be able to build a solid relationship with your subscribers. Finally, email marketing is very flexible, and it can be used for a wide range of purposes. You could use it to drive more traffic to your website, to promote affiliate offers, to build a relationship with your existing customers, to launch new projects and so on.

If you are not doing email marketing yet, here are a few reasons to start.

It's inexpensive and it is fast.

You stay connected with your prospects.

You can sell more products and services.

can be read on mobile phones.

Email can be forwarded to friends.

Email can be saved and retrieved.

It can be product and service specific.